Emotions = Energy In Motion

Emotions are energy that run through our body. Our bodies respond to that energy through various physiological responses, such as increased heart rate, sweaty palms, tightened muscles, etc.

We FEEL our emotions, our emotions are not who we ARE. We can disentangle ourselves from being defined by our emotions by identifying and saying things like “I FEEL angry (sad, frustrated, hurt, etc)”, as opposed to “I AM angry (sad, frustrated, hurt, etc)”.

Our emotions provide us feedback to something that needs attention. No emotions are “bad”, although they may feel uncomfortable.

Our breath might be the simplest, most practical, and most accessible tool that we have when feeling held hostage to our emotions. Our breath is always available to us. When feeling uncomfortable emotions, just taking 5 deep belly breaths can help in making a conscious choice in how you want to respond.

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