Do The Next Right Thing

Do the next right thing.

Grief is overwhelming. The idea of living the rest of your life without your loved one can feel overwhelming, unbearable, and impossible. I really struggled with this idea. I remember my friend telling me to “just take it one day at a time”. I don’t know if this was a totally new concept to me, or if I just had grief brain, but at the time it was a revolutionary idea to me. I even broke time down into smaller, more manageable increments, oftentimes taking it one moment at a time. In these moments, I would focus on making whatever choice I needed to make to get through that moment. And then the next moment. And the next. Moments felt manageable. Days, months, and years
 did not feel manageable.
Do the next right thing.
I have a 3 year old niece, so I saw Frozen 2 this weekend. There’s a scene and a song about grief. Anna is overcome with sadness, but she resolves to focus her attention on doing the next right thing.
You don’t need to figure out the rest of your life right now. In an odd way, and with practice, grief can even nudge us toward being more mindful of the present.
What’s your next right thing?
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